Class or Nah: A Side Scroller Game – Final

Overview:  Class or Nah is a 2D side scroller game made for the iPhone 6, a side scroller game being where the player moves in either a left or right direction to progress the game.  The art in the game was designed using pixel art and the purpose was to be a game that was story driven, specifically by the player’s choices within that story, so as to create multiple endings to said story.  These types of games today are my favorite types of RPG and so I wanted my first game to be of a similar type.

Creation:  The game was created with Apple’s IDE Xcode and by their programming language swift.  Before coding was begun, the backgrounds of the various scenes and the characters were created using a web app called PiskelApp.  This app is free and allows the user to create simple pixel art and export it for use as a png file, which is what Xcode recognizes in its resources and assets folder.  The coding consisted of functions for almost every feature of the game, from loading the characters onto the screen to loading the backgrounds and making the main character walk.  What was key to developing the game was the creation of a separate swift file “level”.  This file held the information from each specific scene such as the characters in it, the background, and the text that would appear.  This allowed the functions in the main swift file that were in charge of the mechanics of the game such as running, changing scenes, and loading scenes to take the info from the “levels” file so it could easily recognize what scene was supposed to contain which information.  This makes it easy to add future unique scenes.

Demo:  The story of the game is the player begins in a house with their mother and has 5 days left in the school year.  The player then has 2 choices, either go to class or go party with a friend.  After each choice is made, the day resets and the player must again make the same choice.  After 5 days based on the number of times the player went to class or partied, whether they partied more than went to class or vice versa, the player is presented with one of two end scenes.

This link takes you to the dropbox item that holds my entire project –

This link takes you to PiskelApp where I designed my art –

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