Light Post: Project Proposal

For this project I am going to make a integrated bike light system that is completely contained in the seat post of a bike.

Materials: Adafruit Trinket, 3 red LED’s, Arduino, wires and resistors, flexiforce pressure sensor

My goal for this project is to place a flexiforce pressure sensor under the leather covering of a bike seat that will get triggered when the rider sits on the bike seat. I will drill 3 small holes (just big enough for an led) in the seat post and place an led in each one. The Trinket and the battery will both be contained inside of the seatpost under the LEDs.  When the rider sits on the bike seat, the sensor will be triggered and the three leds in the seat post will light up/ flash. The lights will not immediately turn off when there is no longer pressure on the seat since you can stand up while riding a bike. There will be a minute or two delay from when no pressure is recognized to when the light system shuts off.

Below is the Adafruit Trinket that I will be using to control the lights and the flexiforce sensor which will be placed under the bike seat.


LightPost_Phase1 from Andrew Linenfelser on Vimeo.

Goals for this project:

1) Get the LEDs installed in the seat post and have them turn on when pressure is applied to the seat.

2) Install clear LEDs in the handlebars in order to have a front and back light setup

3) (Stretch Goal) Make the system self sustainable. Have the battery be charged either by magnets connected to the wheels or some other type of power source (maybe solar) so that the rider never has to replace/ charge the battery of the light system.




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