Virtual Camera

A first-person view camera for your virtual reality headset. Add first-person view to all of your RC projects.

IMG_0396 copy

In this Project I will be hacking a Wifi Pan/Tilt camera; Our main goal is to intercept the video and motor controls (and potentially the Microphone). Once we are controlling the camera on our computer via some scripts we can move to a more ambitious endeavor; controlling the camera with a custom IOS app. We will start by designing a basic app that reads and outputs accelerometer/gyroscope data to the screen. We will then attempt to use this data to control the cameras pan/tilt behavior.

Step 1: Intercept video and motor control – We plan to use python to completely control the camera (Minimum)

Step 2: Create IOS app that prints sensor data to screen – This will familiarize us with App development and using/interpreting the accelerometer and gyroscope (Minimum/Target) (found some useful info here) Note: Unfortunately this is not trivial; I am not a part of the  iOS Developer Program and can not simply use a simulator for this sort of app. I’m considering borrowing an android or I might pursue doing something similar via a web app.

Step 3: Have our App control the camera – Using the gyroscope data, hopefully we can now operate the pan and tilt action (send camera feed to screen while gyroscope input controls motion)  (Target)

Step 4: Convert camera feed to virtual reality format – This would bring us full circle with Project 2; allowing us to mount the camera on our RC car and control it via a VR headset (Stretch)

New Challenges (What we will Learn):

  • App development (IOS, or Android) – May instead use Web Page
  • Reading Sensor Data from smartphone
  • OpenCV
  • WiFi Protocols (802.11a)
  • Conversion to VRML format
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