Reactive luminaire LEDs

I have been working on making a reactive led light setup for inside my luminaire I am making in digital fabrication class. The goal is to have reactions based off of a proximity or light sensor that mimic a bioluminescent deep sea creature. I have four main challenges.

  1. physically connecting all of the lights
  2. getting the code to be able to call a particular light down the strip as well as change the colors
  3. getting the sensor that I end up going with to work how I want it to to make the light go off how it should
  4. getting the electronics nestled inside the light so that they are hidden and structurally attached to the frame of the light

For the code I will be using arduino entirely. For hardware I have one redboard, assorted wires and resistors, two 12A RGB LED strips of five feet each, one proximity sensor, one light sensor, frosted clear mylar, copper mylar, fiber optic cables, a patina’d copper pipe and copper wire for the structure. the only hardware component I dont have figured out is my power requirements.

I will run two commands in arduino with an if/then statement. One will run a simple pattern of one light turning off at a time down the line, possibly while slowly changing colors. The second will run in the sensor is activated, with a quicker movement of lights to imitate a sea creature noticing some prey.

Minimum Goal: turn on many lights. such pretty. much blue.

Stretch goal: have many commands that react based off of different proximities or light levels.

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