Status update:
Blender turns on and off based on the number of notes played on the keyboard.

Rig rundown:
– PowerSwitch Tail II
– Arduino Uno
– 60 key Casio keyboard
– 14 speed Oster Blender
– PyGame Python library

My blender runs at 120VAC and uses an AC powered motor…in order to be an effective blender the blades need to be moving at very high speeds (~28,000 rpm). Because of this I decided to not build my own powerbase, I instead purchased the PowerSwitch Tail II which allows me to switch AC power to the blender using an Arduino. Basically if I supply 5V into the PowerSwitch from the Arduino, then it will allow the AC current from a wall outlet to flow through the PowerSwitch to the blender.

I can plug my 60 key Casio keyboard into my laptop via USB and using Python’s PyGame library I can easily listen to the MIDI events coming from my keyboard and analyze the amount of notes played over a given length of time. If the amount of notes being played is above the threshold I set (~ 4 notes per second), the program sends a message via serial to the Arduino telling it to set the digital pin connected to the PowerSwitch tail to high, therefore completing the circuit and supplying power to the blender.

System diagram:

Minimum – add practice mode option where user can practice scales or different keys to play in and based on his/her correctness turn the blender on or off
Target – figure out a way to introduce variable speeds, that way there are settings between full speed and being completely off
Stretch – add practice mode, variable speeds, and a sweet GUI to top it off

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