Project Athena Final Proposal

In the first project I successfully created a strong proof of concept for an animated bluetooth speaker. The next step would be to physically complete the project and create a fully functional bluetooth speaker. The project as it stands has a raspberry pi that acts as a bluetooth server. When a phone connects to the speaker it processes the song and then passes a bit mask to an Arduino where the Arduino turns on and off 9 LEDSs with the music. The issue is though that there are resistors, wires and boards that sit open on the table I use an external speaker, and nothing is held together.

To solve these problems I propose several enhancements to the Athena project. The first is to replace the 9 LEDS with a 8 x 8 led matrix that allows a separate LED for each note on the music scale. Then to replace the external speaker with custom speakers that are powered from the raspberry pi. Finally, I would like to create a custom enclosure that holds all the boards together and functions as a single unit.

The goals of the project can be summarized by the following:

Minimum: LED matrix replace the 9 LEDs and the custom speakers replace the external speaker.

Target: Minimum goals met along with a custom built enclosure to contain all the parts as a single unit

Stretch: Fix up the bluetooth modules to work with multiple devices and not crash after another device tries to connect.

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