Minim Visualizer

Since the last post I have been working on getting the various visualizers working. My initial goal was to have the visualizer show very concretely the breakdown of audio bands, much like Nic’s project. That way I could readily have that data to show in the processing visualizer as well as output to some lights or something. Right now the code is actually breaking the audio up into bands like I wanted, but it is doing it in a rather behind the scenes manner and I cant figure out a way to manually set my own bands. So far I have run into two main problems that kept me from getting the audio to breakdown like wanted. First off I was using processing’s in house audio player as well as minim, only to realize after a week that the reason it wasn’t working is because the latest update to that library (almost a year ago) did away with 64-bit compatibility, as I wasn’t about to change my operating system just for that. The second problem was my general overestimation of my abilities based off the fact that I am familiar with processing. I am used to vanilla processing commands, for which there is a nice online library. The minim library is pretty hit or miss. In some ways the problem was that the Minim library had too convenient of commands preset, for example I know that I am changing the color of the dots with every snare sound with a beat.isSnare line, but I have no idea what its actually doing behind the scenes.


Even though I never got to output to some sort of hardware or get my audio bands broken down in a usable manner, I am pretty sure that I could manage it with time. Some commands like pause, color change, or volume control would be nice too.

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