Virtual Reality Pong Update

What I’ve done:

I continued making my game in Unity. I wrote a C# script that makes my opponent move and follow the ball.Then I had to tweak the opponent speed so that it was less difficult. I also wrote scripts that keep a counter for the score. I also added text to the lower right corner to display the score and added a script to it so that it always updates the score. With this done the functionality of my game was basically complete for playing on the computer.

The next step was to get the game working with google cardboard. I downloaded the Google cardboard unity SDK and replaced the main camera in my game with a cardboard camera. Once I had the cardboard view working I needed to create a new player script that replaced the current keyboard controls for the player with control given from the movement of the phone. To make this new script I connected the movement of the cardboard camera with the player paddle by using transform.parent. With functioning movement of the player my last step was to make the game area slightly narrower in order to allow the players head motion to reach both walls.

Once the game was working properly in Unity with the Google cardboard functionality, I then had to install it onto my phone. This proved to be surprisingly much more complicated that anticipated. In order to get my project on to my iPhone, I had to transfer it from my PC to a Mac that I borrowed in order to use xcode. From their I could build my unity project into xcode. Xcode gave me several errors when trying to build and install my game. These errors were fixed by disabling bitcode in xcode, and adding the security and system configuration frameworks. Once this was done I was able to install the game on to my phone and use it with my google cardboard.

Future Plans:

In the future I may still work with my game to clean it up slightly and improve it. I think I could improve the app by adding a home screen. The game could also be improved by making multiple difficulty settings, or increasing difficulty as the game goes on. I think the game could also be improved by adding sound effects for when the ball bounces off of the paddles and walls. I am also still interested in the idea of adding a multiplayer function to the game where two players can play against each other.

Overall I feel that I reached my target goal of creating a playable virtual reality pong game for Google cardboard. The game could still use some polishing but overall I am fairly proud of it and I learned a lot about Unity, virtual reality, and xcode in making this project.

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