HvZ Radar

In the first week I put together a ‘Hello World’ Android application and threw together a simplistic application to talk to a phone’s GPS.  These steps were to get my feet wet in Android development and look into what I should be able to accomplish.


The project is to create a mobile application which when used widely in a game such as Humans Vs. Zombies, my target game, allows users to gain information about where they are in relation to the ‘enemy’ and to allow for coordination between players on the same side.  To this end the project will gather GPS data from a phone, share it with a central repository, and display the GPS data of the user and other players on a map. Additional goals are to enable mobile updating of other game statistics and limit view-able information.

Minimal goals are to capture and share GPS data from a phone and display the users location on a map of the local area.

Expected goals add the ability to display shared GPS data along with differentiating player types, distributing other pertinent player data, and be able to on the fly user data (create a username) and update status (inform the server that they became a zombie).

Stretch goals add a more controlled interface on what users can change modify and how that affects the server, handling cases where users go offline, and controlling what information is presented to the user, i.e. zombies should not see humans outside a range and visa versa.


Code to Date:

Hello World: https://github.com/driabwb/MyAndroidHelloWorld

First GPS: https://github.com/driabwb/FirstGPSAndroid

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