HvZ Radar Update

Current State:
The app currently can give its location to a database, interpret the updates to the database, and display that information on map.

The past few weeks started off by developing a new app which displayed the users current position on a map. This then led to changing the architecture of the app to make the code more sensible for my own sanity and potentially improve the flexibility and readability.  I then looked into how to enable server side storage for other players data.  After looking into this and not liking the possibility of building a ‘simple’ web app, I was pointed towards Firebase by Nic. Firebase made a good match by allowing for notification on updates and a simple interface for generating updates.  I then spent my remaining time connecting Firebase, Maps, and the GPS and trying to add in a settings page for setting up the players username and status.

Future Work:

Finish my work adding the Maps section into a larger application which deals with the non-location HvZ information (Username, Are They a Zombie, etc.).  Also there is the potential to gather and store other statistics.


Current Work Repository: https://github.com/driabwb/HvZTracker

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