Progress on 2D Side Scrolling Game

Throughout this time I have been learning how Unreal Engine 4 works. Currently for the game I have sketched out how I want to make the first “level” for the game. I say level in quotations because my idea for the game is instead of having separate new levels for the game, what I want to do is have the game branch off into separate physical levels that the player can take. For example one could be going down the path of the game and then have the path branch off to a lower level or a high level that the player would need to jump up to. The player then has to make a decision of either going down or jumping up to a new “level” and face what ever challenges that level might have.

I currently also have the main character set up with the ability to run and jump. I also have implemented a health bar for the character and have tested out the ability for the character to take damage. What I want to work on now is adding spikes and what not into the level and have it so that those spikes and what ever other obstacles I put up, such as moving spikes, damage the character as well.

The goal for the presentation this upcoming week is to have the sketched out map fully implemented and then have all the traps and spikes set up properly so that the character takes damage when he collides with the objects.

For the future and what I want to continue on doing is creating a stamina bar that the character will use in order to sprint and perform attacks. Further more I would like to continue building more intricate and challenging “levels.” Features that could be added in order to accomplish this would be to add moving enemy targets that will attack the player or even shoot the player.

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