SkiWaxApp2.0 Update

Past 2 Weeks: From where I was a couple weeks ago I have decided to abandon the idea of using Moodstocks’ API for my image recognition.  I didn’t realize that the instructions I was using to set up the API in xCode7 were for xCode5 and the differences in the implementations of the two versions are just too large for me to try and compensate for.  I spent about a week’s worth of afternoons trying to configure the API for xCode7 with the Moodstocks help team but was unable to make any progress.  I decided to work on other aspects of the project to make progress overall and planned to come back to image recognition after that was complete.  I successfully implemented a new view controller that contains a UIWebview that acts as a search engine in the app.  I linked this to a UIPickerview in the same view controller so that users can select from 6 different categories of skier type and ski conditions that the UIWebview will then display various websites with ski waxes available based on the specific category of skier and ski conditions that the user selected.  I also implemented a search bar so that the user may browse information on the web as they please if they aren’t satisfied with the results.  During the iOS/Android workshop Nick suggested that I try openCV as an image recognition API and after a little bit of research I decided to take his advice and move in that direction.

Future Plans:  I have installed the openCV framework into my project and will spend the entire weekend attempting to use the LineSegmentDetector function and Rafael Grompone von Gios’ algorithm to convert a user’s image to grayscale and then identify the line segments in the image.  In theory, because the scratches and gashes found on the bottom of skis are usually linear the algorithm should be able to identify them as line segments if the image is magnified enough.  I will then attempt to create a function that will count the number of line segments and report to the user based on the count whether the skis should be waxed or not.  My goal is to have this successfully implemented by the end of Sunday which will leave me a bit of time to make the interface more aesthetically pleasing to be seen as a completed product.

Current project:


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