Virtual Reality Pong

My project aims to create a simple, but entertaining virtual reality game. I plan to create a game, similar to the classic arcade game of Pong, that can be played in three dimensions, and controlled by a user’s google cardboard. The aim of this game is to create something that is simple enough that anyone can enjoy it, while also creating a new twist on a simple concept that allows people to explore virtual reality. In order to do this I am using Unity and Google cardboard. My personal goals for this project are to experiment with Google cardboard, learn how to use Unity, and learn how to deploy a game onto a mobile device and make it work with Google cardboard.

My minnimum goal is to create a working game using Unity. I am confident that I can learn how to use Unity well enough to create the game I have in mind for my project.

My target goal is to turn my game into a working Google cardboard app. Once my minnimum goal of creating a game is reached, I need to figure out how to deploy it on my phone and turn it into a polished app that will run on Google cardboard. This is the next step above my minnimum goal, but I still feel that it should be completely doable.

My stretch goal is to turn my single player virtual reality pong game into a multiplayer game in which two players can face off against each other by each wearing their own Google cardboard headset. While I think this would be an interesting extra step for my project, I think that making this into a multiplayer game is a step above my initial plan due to the fact that I have never used Unity before, or made any type of mobile app, or anything that works with cardboard. If I can reach my targer goal ahead of schedule however, looking into a way to connect the game to multiple phones, possible via bluetooth would be my next step.

What I have done so far:

I started off by downloading and begining to learn about using Unity. Once I learned some basics, I created the basic structure for my game. I created a three dimensional playing area that consisted of two walls on either side, a ceiling, and a floor. Within this area are a paddle on either end, and a ball. I turned the ball into a rigidbody so that it bounces off of the walls and wrote a script that makes it move. I also wrote a script that allows you to move the user paddle. This script still needs to be fixed because currently the paddle can move through the walls, and eventually I will want it to be controlled by the headset and not the keyboard. I also recently added some color to the walls, paddles, and ball. The paddles are now slightly transparent so that they don’t block the view of the ball.



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