RC Car Project (Week 1)

Please look at my GitHub README for a full description and detail (Parts, Circuit Board mapping, Voltages, and Pictures)


  1. This first week I bought materials and disassembled my RC Car (Maisto Rock Crawler). After taking it apart I mapped out the functionality of the onboard stock circuit board with a multimeter. Having never worked with an Arduino, I ran a few Hello World applications with my newly bought Arduino Uno R3. After a few bumps I got a preliminary motor test program working; confirming that the car’s motors were accurately interpreting commands from the Arduino. At first I tested and used the Osepp Motor and Servo Shield but noticed and researched some pitfalls with this third party shield. Specifically I was having a problem with a loud steering motor (I have yet to confirm that this was a problem with the Osepp shield specifically). I have since bought an Adafruit V2 shield and have just begun testing its functionality and nuances. For both shields I have used the AFMotor library to communicate with the Arduino. And oh yeah, I did some soldering for the first time!
  2. Look at the GitHub README for a full Circuit board mapping and pictures
  3. Look at MotorTest.ino in the MotorTest folder


A Written Description:

Minimum –

  • In this project I want to reverse engineer and disassemble an RC Car and replace it’s stock circuit board with an Arduino Uno R3 (and Motor Shield). Once we have the car’s motors/servos taking driving instructions from the Arduino we will incorporate a Bluetooth Module (Xbee Wire Antenna) to communicate with a wireless remote (PS2 OR XBOX controller).

Target –

  • Add an onboard camera and wirelessly stream video to a phone or a controller mounted display (Target)
  • Attach Microphone to pick up audio (Spying device) (Target/Stretch)Stretch –
  • Communicate with motors/servos via web server hosted on device, allowing a phone to operate the car (Stretch)
  • Add some autonomous features for obstacle avoidance (i.e Sonar, GPS technology) (Stretch)
  • Add Speaker to communicate with people around the RC Car (Stretch)
  • Send and process video for use by a virtual reality headset (Stretch)
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