Pace: Apple Watch App

Using Xcode I have created an app for the apple watch which consists of buttons for showing all of the different haptic notifications the watch is capable of and also displays the users location. I have now made another app in which the user can start to pick the times they would like for interval training.


There are two goals for this project. The first is to create an app for running that will keep the user running at a desired pace by notifying them with haptic feedback in order for the user to not have to look at the screen while running. I would also like this app to serve as a training device in which interval times can be set and the user will be notified when the interval is complete.


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One Response to Pace: Apple Watch App

  1. linenfelser says:

    UPDATE: Due to Apple not allowing third party applications to run in the background on the watch, or when the watch is asleep, my app will be built for and run on the iPhone sending notifications to the watch. Originally I liked the idea of leaving your phone behind when you go on a run and running the app solely on the watch, but that is not seeming possible. The problem with trying to run this on the watch was you can not interrupt the sleep cycle of the watch, unless you are apple or approved by apple (not me), which means that I would not be able to notify the user while they are running or continuously get user location updates. According to apple, this is due to the low battery life of the watch.

    So, all location services, calculations user input will be handled on the iPhone, sending push notifications to the watch


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