Dancing Lights

So far I have a raspberry Pi hooked up to 5 leds that keep track of a binary clock. Every second they increment the second count. In order to do this I get the current time from the network and take the lower 5 bits. Each bit gets translated to an led.

My idea for the whole project is to have the raspberry pi act like a bluetooth speaker. Someone should be able to connect their phone play a song and the raspberry pi will play it while doing cool animations.

Untitled drawing-2.png

To see the progress of the code please look at: https://github.com/nbroeking/DancingLights

The code base contains a java daemon that will manage the gpio lights.

In order to accomplish this project. I have set aside three different areas of goals.

Project Goals

Minimum – Get the raspberry pi to play a song and have the 5 leds interact with the song

Target – Get the raspberry pi to play a song and have led strips interact with the song following different frequencies and beats.

Stretch – Allow phones to connect via bluetooth and play music while the LED strips process the music in real time.


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