mini-project II: week one

(posting due February 15, please assign category Project 2.1

This is the first week’s progress milestone for “mini-project II”, which is due the week of February 29/March 2.

You’ll have developed a first piece of the project; post a report on the week’s progress.  Include (as appropriate):

  1. an “abstract” or brief explanation of what you made – a few sentences that describe what you did will suffice.
  2. photographs, diagrams (e.g., system block diagram, 3D sketch, circuit diagram).
  3. code or links to Github repository for the project
  4. video if needed or appropriate


A written description – in sentences – of your intent for the larger project of which this is the first exploratory piece.  (mini-project II).   Explain the aim and idea of your project so that someone unfamiliar with it (and you) can understand.   Spell out details – what will your project do?   How will it work?   Who (or what purpose) is it intended for?   What are the challenges?   You may find it helpful to frame this description with a three-tier set of goals: minimum (I’m certain I can achieve this by Feb 29); target (I’m confident I can achieve this, but it will be a challenge); and stretch (if all goes better than expected or my friends help a lot).   Again, you may include diagrams, etc. to illustrate the idea.





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