Ski Wax App Bare Bones

Below is a link to dropbox where my Xcode project is zipped.  I have dabbled in making iOS apps using Xcode last semester but it was only to create very basic apps, most with simple calculator functions.  I want to explore what Xcode can do so I’m taking an image recognition API from Moodstocks and implementing that into Xcode to create an app that uses the iPhone’s camera, when pointed at the bottom of a ski, that tells the user whether or not that ski requires waxing or not.  This is supposed to be a solution for new skiers who are unsure about when to wax their skis and would like a second opinion when making their decision.  I plan to add more features to the app once the image recognition is working properly, this would be the stretch.  I have never attempted anything near this complicated in Xcode before and am not sure if this will be possible to complete.  So far I have successfully installed the proper pods for the API into Xcode and have begun writing code for the software inXcode in objective-c.  I have also built the basic navigation and root view controllers for the app.

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